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( Jan. 6th, 2012 09:07 am)

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I figure that virtually everyone on my flist watches this comm, but on the off chance that someone doesn't or perhaps missed my Cinco de Mayo margarita-fueled fiesta of flist-spamming last night, yesterday was my posting day over at [ profile] seasonal_spuffy. You can find 75 (yeah, it seems excessive even to me) "Intervention"-inspired haiku right here if you're inclined to check them out. And now, I'm thinking that I might be ready for an intervention; my shower walls are covered in bath crayon babble, my hands have faded scribbles on them, and my illuminated pen burned out because I fell asleep while scrawling some completely unintelligible middle-of-the-night epiphany. Do they make a patch for this? I'm thinking that the squirrels in my attic are no longer just literal. ;)

I'm off to read. Woohoo! My working year ends in three days, and I have a backlog of bookmarked bounty to luxuriate in. I especially can't wait to backtrack through the entries for this round o' teh Seasonal Spuffy; the theme was Poetry (joy!), and there's been some amazing stuff.
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( Apr. 24th, 2009 01:31 pm)
Today is [ profile] cindergal's birthday! Please forgive the warmed-over stock footage; it's been one of those weeks, but I didn't want to let the day go by without commemorating the birthday of the wily woman who's invented the best ploy EVER for escaping one's in-laws. (Memo to self for every future xmas holiday in-law visit: hide away under the pretense of wrapping gifts and then drink wine and read pr0n on the interwebz instead.)

click here for a birthday cocktail )
Today is the birthday of the multi-talented [ profile] beanbeans: writer, photographer, yogi, and fangirl supreme. Oh yeah, and a sweetheart to boot! In addition to all of the above, Beans has also been making the world safe from bad knitting, one stitch at time. Since I've been a grateful recipient of her beautiful work, I wanted to do a little something to honor her mad knitting skilz. Towards this end, I grabbed doll!Spike and headed for the *cough* studio. (I know, I know, but "nightstand" just doesn't have the same ring, does it?)

D'oh! I think I dropped a stitch. )
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( Apr. 12th, 2009 03:33 pm)
Happy Easter to all who are celebrating today, and Happy Chocolate Baby Animal Day to the rest of us. I'm all messed up on Lindt chicks and tangerine Jelly Bellys right now, and let me just say that there is no bad there.

Here's hoping that you're all having a better time of it than Anya. . . )
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( Apr. 5th, 2009 12:17 pm)
Many thanks to the generous and talented [ profile] blondebitz for venturing out of her Splindsey comfort zone and making me a beautiful Spuffy banner for my "Something Blue" Spaiku! I loves it, sweetie!

click for the purty )
Today is the birthday of my first fandom friend, the lovely and well-read [ profile] louise39. I don't know if I ever would have started my own LJ if Louise hadn't been nice enough to express an interest in reading it, so thanks again for the encouragement, sweetie! Here's a little seasonally appropriate (?) birthday greeting from me and my plastic partner in crime.

A birthday bouquet for you . . . )
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( Apr. 1st, 2009 12:39 pm)
Congratulations to Alyson Hannigan and Alexis Denisof on the safe arrival of baby Satyana! What a great birthday present for AH.  :D
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( Mar. 31st, 2009 10:16 pm)
Like most of the fandom today, I've been mourning the passing of Andy Hallett. Lorne is, without question, my favorite AtS character; he has a snappy wit and a nurturing warmth that I've always imagined are qualities that his creator must have possessed in good measure as well. Simultaneously fabulous and matter of fact, Lorne is like the fantastic, improbable offspring of Liberace and Bea Arthur. And something green.

Mr. Hallett's shiny light surely will be missed. Doll!fic and haiku might not be appropriate memorializing media, but it's all I got.

Sing, you host of Anagogic Hosts . . . )
Well, I've managed to miss three doll!fic-able occasions in the past week: Smut Goddess [ profile] darklingdawns birthday (two words, people: Daddy's Girl. Holy mother of guh!), and the birthday of Her Serene Highness [ profile] empresspatti. Well, that just won't do. Morgana's fic has helped me pass many a dull hour at work in a much more pleasant fashion, and Patti makes me blow tea out of my nose practically every time she posts. (Srsly, y'all, she's like Erma Bombeck on crack!) In my defense, though, I've been dealing with yet another bout of difficult times with the wee, mercurial talent who makes these greetings possible. As is so often the case with actors, sometimes the artist's inner demons (heh) interfere with his or her productivity. Yep, I'm afraid that doll!Spike has been hitting the sauce again. He'd had a decent run of sobriety until Valentine's Day when the doll!Buffys decided to have a girls-only party instead of a romantic evening in. The little plastic poet was disappointed about missing the opportunity to strew rose petals and spout verse at whichever Buffy would tolerate it, but it wasn't until he learned that armless!Angel would be at the girls' party that he really went off the rails. (The Buffys were planning to have a makeovers n' manicures sort of affair, and armless!Angel is a perfect canvas for practicing one's make-up skills!)

even plastic vampires get the blues )
Today marks the first anniversary of this journal. I found my way to LJ in the fall of ought-seven from Bugger This so that I could read [ profile] herself_nyc's works in progress. I'd never planned on keeping a journal of my own until [ profile] louise39, bless her heart, PM'd me to say that she enjoyed my comments and wanted to know if she could friend me and read my LJ. I confessed that I didn't have one but that I'd be tickled to have a first friend all the same. After some insomniac ruminating on the idea of a journal and what the hell I'd write in one, I came up with a few haiku, changed my lame-o lurking username to the one I use everywhere else, loaded up on icons over at [ profile] earth_vexer's, and made my first post. Since then, I've posted 177 journal entries, 157 Spaiku, and 24 doll!fics. I've also made many new friends (and even met a few of them), gone to an academic conference on the Jossverse, chalked up a couple of nominations, been the subject of a slanderous fic, had the best birthday ever, bought a plane ticket to Writercon, and been added to the reading list of 85 people. In short, I've had nothing but fun here with you wonderful people since January 31 last rolled around.

As a little thank you to Louise for that life-changing nudge in the right direction and also to honor her suggestion that I put the Spaiku in some kind of searchable order, I've finally organized links to the Spaiku and doll!fic. *points to the left* See? No more squinting at tags. Also, I've announced in authoritative tones that I will be spending a couple of hours tomorrow with the haiku notebooks, so hopefully there will be more Spaiku here before too long.

Thanks for a great first year of fandom fabulosity, flist o' mine! \0/
Today is the birthday of my favorite romantic, the lovely [ profile] jamalov29. As a fandom newbie, I’ve found her journal to be a treasure trove of fic recs, beautiful picspam, and fun JM fangirl squee. Indeed, I’ve come to think of Caroline as a Spuffy goodwill ambassador, generously sharing the love wherever she goes. With that in mind, I wanted to make a sweet birthday greeting with Spike and Buffy just for her.

the course of doll!love never did run smooth . . . )
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( Jan. 7th, 2009 09:08 pm)
In less than an hour, it will be the birthday of my fangirl progenitor, [ profile] drop_edge. Without her indirect but powerful influence, I would never have watched a single episode of BtVS or found myself here with you good folks. She says that if Buffyfan recruiting were a pyramid scheme, she'd be rich by now, and I don't doubt it. And hey, fun fact: she ranks first and second, respectively, on the Addicted to Angel and Addicted to Buffy trivia games on Facebook. *bows to her wisdom*) I've had a great time getting to know her better this year at parties and the Slayage conference, and it's also been gratifying to watch everyone else back slowly away from us as we squee about teh Spuffy together. In the morning she'll come over and we'll kick off her birthday celebration by spending the day in our pajamas watching Buffy and eating ham, but not before I explore the dark side of her legacy.

Yes, you heard me. Clever as she is, I feel that I would be remiss in failing to point out the sometimes ugly consequences of this one-woman BtVS crusade. Indeed, if I had never met [ profile] drop_edge, none of you would have been exposed to images of degeneracy such as these over the past few months . . .

WARNING: neither dial-up nor doll-friendly picspam )
Today is the birthday of [ profile] molly_may, mistress of meta, and [ profile] penny_lane_42, writer of some of the most hauntingly lovely Spuffy fic I've ever read. Since I missed the way talented and graphically prolific [ profile] buffy_the_vamp6's New Year's Eve birthday, I thought that I would throw a little joint journal party. Towards that end, I gathered up my Spike dolls and got to work. Three birthday girls, three vamps. Piece of cake, right?

plastictastic birthday celebration right this way! )
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( Dec. 31st, 2008 08:34 pm)
I just wanted to pop in quickly and thank everyone for a wonderful first year in the fandom. I've had a blast getting to know y'all better and consider your presence in my life a blessing each and every day. *big hugs* I'd like to say more about how rough this year has been for a lot of people and how sincerely I hope that 2009 brings more bright moments for all of us, but someone is growing impatient and wants to "get this bloody party started already!"

fancy a spot of bubbly? )
Well, it looks as though Crushed Spaiku and 13 Spaiku About "Something Blue" have been nominated for Best Ficlet and Best Drabble over at the Fang Fetish Awards. Many thanks to whoever nominated me! I kinda' suspect that it was Mister Beta, which is, okay, a lot like all those times that my mom bought my entire stock of orchestra candy (yep, I wasn't even cool enough to sell band candy), but I'll take what I can get.

I also want to recommend [ profile] rebcake's most recent work, a shockingly naughty NC-17 Spuffy FITB spanking fic . . . wait for it . . . written in limerick! *swoon* You can read this tiny masterpiece of poetic smut it here at [ profile] darker_spike and here at [ profile] nekid_spike. Hummina.

Finally, the highly talented [ profile] shanmara over at [ profile] nekid_spike has been so generous as to let me bring this cheeky little fellow home to my journal for the holidays. *happy sigh* God, I wish this were my Christmas card this year--so terribly wrong, and yet so very right.

NSFW: Santa Spike is coming to the countryside . . . )

ETA that [ profile] rebcake's smutty little pretties are now available in unlocked form here at The Bloodshedverse.
I'm home sick with a sick kid today and thought I'd finish shepherding the stray Spaiku homewards. Guess I'm gonna have to start writing some new ones now, huh? Or do some actual housekeeping . . .
"Tabula Rasa" Spaiku
Author: [ profile] mere_ubu
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Spike and Buffy will never be mine. *sobs* I'm okay with it. Really.
A/N: A little more magic & consequences. Four angsty haiku from the final moments of "Tabula Rasa," BtVS, S6. Written for the Spring 2008 round of [ profile] seasonal_spuffy and dedicated to the always-inspirational [ profile] beanbeans.
Feedback is even better than narcotic cough syrup.

four spaiku: tabula rasa )
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( Dec. 10th, 2008 12:36 pm)
Just doing a little housekeeping and bringing home my Seasonal Spuffy entries from the past spring. I plumb forgot about them!
13 Spaiku from "Something Blue"
Author: [ profile] mere_ubu
Length: 148 words/221 syllables
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Spike and Buffy are not mine. I'm just gonna borrow them for, like, five minutes, mmkay?
A/N: Here are thirteen Spuffycentric haiku snapshots from "Something Blue" in four parts. Written for the Spring 2008 round of [ profile] seasonal_spuffy. Many thanks to [ profile] enigmaticblues for organizing this round and also to Mister Beta and [ profile] philips for their unerring good judgment. And a big thank you to [ profile] blondebitz for the beautiful banner!
Feedback warms the cockles of my heart. (Heh-heh. I said "cockles.")


thirteen spaiku: something blue )
[ profile] drop_edge just sent me this delightful little interview with Joss about knitting, crocheting, and crafting in general. The audio is kinda' scratchy, but there's a transcript here.
Today was the birthday of [ profile] gillo, lady of letters, the stage, and moulder of young minds. Also? A bit of a doll debaucher as well. *links arms in solidarity* Her beautiful and informative picspam has transported me far away from many a dull work day, and her dry wit is always very much appreciated. I especially enjoyed reading Gill's accounts of her trip to Rome this fall, so I enlisted doll!Spike's assistance in making a tasteful birthday greeting inspired by her recent travels. *sigh* O, will I never learn?

Friends, Romans, countrymen . . . lend me a doll who won't shame me in a public forum! )


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