Alas, we hardly knew ye. . .

Ok, so recently, [ profile] louise39 asked me if my LJ username, elevatorlady69, had any particular meaning and the answer is:  just barely!  When choosing it, I was chagrined to discover that the name I use everywhere else was already taken.  (Odds are that I took it myself years ago while lurking to read something and completely forgot how to access it!  If you should ever choose to read future entries here and only take one thing away from them, it will probably be that I'm a hapless kinda gal.)  So, I facetiously plugged in a phrase from the Pixies "Levitate Me" and my birth year.  I guess I figured that I would always lurk and never write and thus could get away with a lame username. 

Well, no more!  In the recent Great LJ Username Purge, mere_ubu has come up for grabs, and baby, I'm seizing it with both hands and happy to be me again.


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