Howdy! *hugs flist* I just wanted to say thanks for being a big part of the best birthday I've had in years! I was completely bowled over by your birthday offerings and feel so very lucky have such generous, talented friends. Honestly, I smiled so much yesterday that my cheeks kinda hurt today--that was some workout! The monitor of the MacBook is a little worse for wear, too. Dear me, will I never learn to set the beverage aside before I read the funny?

*deep breath*

a big thank you from little ol' me )

ETA: Half of my thank-you list dropped off after an edit but has now been re-added. Heartfelt apologies. And [ profile] adriana_is? You know I adore you, dearie, but every time I try to edit your name back in, it posts without it! *hugs* Please be assured that I'm grateful to you, too!


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