Today is the birthday of the multi-talented [ profile] beanbeans: writer, photographer, yogi, and fangirl supreme. Oh yeah, and a sweetheart to boot! In addition to all of the above, Beans has also been making the world safe from bad knitting, one stitch at time. Since I've been a grateful recipient of her beautiful work, I wanted to do a little something to honor her mad knitting skilz. Towards this end, I grabbed doll!Spike and headed for the *cough* studio. (I know, I know, but "nightstand" just doesn't have the same ring, does it?)

I met with some initial resistance along the lines of "Oi, woman! Get those great fucking stakes away from me!" Eventually, however, doll!Spike warmed to the idea. Um. More than warmed. *facepalm* In fact, I think it's safe to say that he came out of this experience decidedly in favor of the fiber arts.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DEAR BEANS!!! *big birthday glomp* I hope you've had a lovely day with your family and that the next year brings much well-deserved shininess your way. MWAH! <333

From: [identity profile]

You are so ridiculously clever. It makes me jealous.

Brilliant as always. I love when your friends have birthdays!

From: [identity profile]

Ah, but you're ridiculously clever yourself, missy. *points finger* Takes one to know one! ;)

Thank you. I love doing these but have fallen waaay behind as the flist grows. I may have to do a belated birthday extravaganza after the semester ends.

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Spot on birthday wishes, again! I bet she'll love it!

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I'm sitting here in my terry robe, coffee in hand, knitting needles beside me... and I'm giggling like a fiend! You clever girl, I love this! Hee, you can assure doll!spike that I'd never knit with wooden needles while in his presence. Too dangerous! Also? Your icon for these birthday posts always makes me laugh. Bad, evil vampire. >:D

Thank you for this, and for all the warm wishes. You're wonderful, mah deah. *tackleglompsmoosh*

♥ ♥ ♥

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Yay! Glad I could give you a little post-birthday giggle. I'd hoped to post earlier, but I got the yarn and needles months ago and then lost them like the gigantic flake that I am. Lordy.

*lol* Y'know, between you and me, I think that doll!Spike gets off on the danger. Little degenerate!

Hope your Monday is treating you well, sweetie. *smooshes you* Happy knitting! :D

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Pretty Spike - matching his yarn to his pants!

Clever as usual.

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Hee! Thank you. I like to think that Big Bad has good sense of color coordination. ;)

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Thank you! Too bad there's no money in doll!fic, because I would do way more if it weren't for dumb stuff like employment. ;)

From: [identity profile]

I love your doll!art.

This put a huge smile on my face that I really, really needed. I'm sure beanbeans enjoyed it.


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Thank you, sweetie. I've kind of fallen behind lately, but I really love making these. Glad I could bring the lulz. :)

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You're so adorable. Your birthday greetings are a delight. ::kisses you::

From: [identity profile]

Aww, thank you, Caroline! I've fallen behind in the birthday greetings, but I love making them.

Have a lovely weekend, dear. Smooches to you!

From: [identity profile]

"Big Needles and Bondage" will be the title of my first spoken-word album. (Yeah, I got plans.)

And a happy belated birthday to beansbeans!

From: [identity profile]

And I will be the first in line to buy it, yes I will.

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Re: Hi! Hi!

Haiii, sweetie! I am glad, too! Summer break is coming soon and will be a time of increased online presence. *nods* This is my solemn vow.

Hope that the Boston spring is treating you well. Mwah!


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