Today is the birthday of my first fandom friend, the lovely and well-read [ profile] louise39. I don't know if I ever would have started my own LJ if Louise hadn't been nice enough to express an interest in reading it, so thanks again for the encouragement, sweetie! Here's a little seasonally appropriate (?) birthday greeting from me and my plastic partner in crime.

Oh, dear me. *facepalm* Honestly, I'm just thankful that I was able to steer him away from the topic of "April showers." Believe you me, that train of thought was going nowhere good in a hurry!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LOUISE!!! *big birthday hug* I hope that you have a wonderful day. May the coming year bring good times and more good things to read.

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I love it! And I, for one, am super glad that you did dip your toe into the LJ waters.


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Thanks, darlin! I giggled a lot while assembling the vampire bouquet.

I'm glad, too. I know I wouldn't have met wonderful people like you if I'd remained a lurker. *shudder* It's too bleak to contemplate!

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Thank you! My front yard is covered in those little blossoms right now, and I've used the fact that there was weekend doll!fic in the offing to justify not mowing. *sigh* Now I gotta find a new excuse.

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Yeah, one can really see his tender poet's heart in this...

From: [identity profile]

Heee! Yes, but he'd like to show you so much more. ;)

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Thank you for "Spike among the lilies". He always shows his blommin' best.

So happy to have met you and have you for a friend.

From: [identity profile]

You're very welcome! My yard is covered in those spikey (heh) beauties right now, and I thought you might like a little vampire bouquet.

Aw, thank you. Me too! LJ has changed my life in many happy ways. :D

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*lol* Well, don't be too envious; their day has kinda gone downhill since the vampire bouquet. I put the flowers in a little vase on the kitchen table and have spent a good part of the past hour trying to prevent the cats from devouring them. Furry little devils!

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Oh my. He really can say it with flowers, and so eloquently! Such a darling little bud. (Don't tell him I said so.)

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Shhh! Don't let him hear you; he was very sullen about the whole business. ;)



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