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( Apr. 5th, 2009 12:17 pm)
Many thanks to the generous and talented [ profile] blondebitz for venturing out of her Splindsey comfort zone and making me a beautiful Spuffy banner for my "Something Blue" Spaiku! I loves it, sweetie!

click for the purty )
Today marks the first anniversary of this journal. I found my way to LJ in the fall of ought-seven from Bugger This so that I could read [ profile] herself_nyc's works in progress. I'd never planned on keeping a journal of my own until [ profile] louise39, bless her heart, PM'd me to say that she enjoyed my comments and wanted to know if she could friend me and read my LJ. I confessed that I didn't have one but that I'd be tickled to have a first friend all the same. After some insomniac ruminating on the idea of a journal and what the hell I'd write in one, I came up with a few haiku, changed my lame-o lurking username to the one I use everywhere else, loaded up on icons over at [ profile] earth_vexer's, and made my first post. Since then, I've posted 177 journal entries, 157 Spaiku, and 24 doll!fics. I've also made many new friends (and even met a few of them), gone to an academic conference on the Jossverse, chalked up a couple of nominations, been the subject of a slanderous fic, had the best birthday ever, bought a plane ticket to Writercon, and been added to the reading list of 85 people. In short, I've had nothing but fun here with you wonderful people since January 31 last rolled around.

As a little thank you to Louise for that life-changing nudge in the right direction and also to honor her suggestion that I put the Spaiku in some kind of searchable order, I've finally organized links to the Spaiku and doll!fic. *points to the left* See? No more squinting at tags. Also, I've announced in authoritative tones that I will be spending a couple of hours tomorrow with the haiku notebooks, so hopefully there will be more Spaiku here before too long.

Thanks for a great first year of fandom fabulosity, flist o' mine! \0/
Well, it looks as though Crushed Spaiku and 13 Spaiku About "Something Blue" have been nominated for Best Ficlet and Best Drabble over at the Fang Fetish Awards. Many thanks to whoever nominated me! I kinda' suspect that it was Mister Beta, which is, okay, a lot like all those times that my mom bought my entire stock of orchestra candy (yep, I wasn't even cool enough to sell band candy), but I'll take what I can get.

I also want to recommend [ profile] rebcake's most recent work, a shockingly naughty NC-17 Spuffy FITB spanking fic . . . wait for it . . . written in limerick! *swoon* You can read this tiny masterpiece of poetic smut it here at [ profile] darker_spike and here at [ profile] nekid_spike. Hummina.

Finally, the highly talented [ profile] shanmara over at [ profile] nekid_spike has been so generous as to let me bring this cheeky little fellow home to my journal for the holidays. *happy sigh* God, I wish this were my Christmas card this year--so terribly wrong, and yet so very right.

NSFW: Santa Spike is coming to the countryside . . . )

ETA that [ profile] rebcake's smutty little pretties are now available in unlocked form here at The Bloodshedverse.
Howdy! *hugs flist* I just wanted to say thanks for being a big part of the best birthday I've had in years! I was completely bowled over by your birthday offerings and feel so very lucky have such generous, talented friends. Honestly, I smiled so much yesterday that my cheeks kinda hurt today--that was some workout! The monitor of the MacBook is a little worse for wear, too. Dear me, will I never learn to set the beverage aside before I read the funny?

*deep breath*

a big thank you from little ol' me )

ETA: Half of my thank-you list dropped off after an edit but has now been re-added. Heartfelt apologies. And [ profile] adriana_is? You know I adore you, dearie, but every time I try to edit your name back in, it posts without it! *hugs* Please be assured that I'm grateful to you, too!
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( May. 4th, 2008 08:28 pm)
To the kind soul who nominated my recent batch of S7 Spaiku for the latest Fang Fetish round: Thank you very much! I'm surprised and pleased to find myself in such good company.   :D


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