Howdy. *waves sheepishly* I'm still too exhausted from my Iowa trip to do a real hi-this-is-me kind of a post, so I'm consoling myself with posting the outtakes from [ profile] philips ' birthday vampstravaganza pictorial. A doll!fic pick-me-up, if you will. (If you dare!) Making this was definitely the high point in a weary week. Also, how can I not share with the world the deep wrongness that is Fonzie Angel? How?

M. Mere suggested it, and I laughed until I had to crawl under the kitchen table for a minute and get myself back together. Also, I've been singing "Fonzie Angel" (to the tune of "Johnny Angel," natch) ever since. I think it broke me!

many more bad jokes at the expense of dolls )

Good weekends to you all!


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