Hi. *waves weakly* Well, so much for my recent vow to post every week. It seems that RL conspires against the composition of haiku at every turn. Now that BtVS, S2 (read Spikealicious) episodes are fast approaching at [livejournal.com profile] fantas_magoria, I have high hopes of both getting on a more regular writing schedule and doing more with S2 while the big FFL project continues to percolate. So. Here are a few more. Our boy gets a new name. BtVS, S5, PG. Previous parts here. Big thanks, as always, to Mister Beta for his input and to all of you who read the wee things.
five spaiku: appellation )
Bless me, LJ, for I have sinned. It has been thirty-six days since my last Spaiku post. Grant me absolution, and I will vow to post a weekly batch henceforth. Onward! Another interlude wherein Spike and Buffy Bicker at the Bronze--this time about vampirism as a profound existential experience--before the continuation of Spike's completely truthful reminiscences to her about the good old days. ;)   BtVS, S5, G. Previous parts here. Thanks to the mister for having Beta Lunch with me.
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Well, I guess I've forestalled tearing off this Band-Aid as long as I possibly can, but I have to admit that I somehow feel personally guilty for dispatching him! Good night, Mr. Pratt. *pets him* Sorry to do this to you. BtVS, S5, PG.  Warning: character death. :(
Previous parts here. Thanks to Mister Beta for playing haiku View-Master with me.

You know how I said there was only one more batch of William haiku to go? As I feared, a Brownie drop-out's honor is, indeed, not good for much. Every time I think I have a scene down to irreducible parts, it shivers into ever smaller pieces. Darn JM and his multilayered performance! Darn him to heck! Honest and for true, though, this is the next-to-last-one. Yep. Many thanks to Mister Beta for long-distance concrit and to [livejournal.com profile] philips for emergency haiku rescue. BtVS, S5. PG. Previous parts here.

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This is my next-to-last batch of William haiku. Scout's honor! (Okay, I was never actually a Girl Scout, but "Brownie dropout's honor" just doesn't have the same ring to it.) In this installment, William first looks upon the face of his salvation. BtVS, S5. G. (Previous parts here.)

five spaiku: fascination )
Well, it looks like I'm still too preoccupied with William to leave him behind just yet. Here we find him alone, and we're not the only ones. . .
BtVS, S5. G. (Previous parts here.)

five spaiku: renunciation )
Another installment of Spaiku, William Pratt Edition. Poor lamb. (Thanks to Mister Beta for giving up his lunch hour to play haiku eye-chart with me. "Which do you like better, this one or this one? Yes? What about if I do. . .this to it. Or this!" I was like an evil optometrist with this batch.)
BtVS, S5. G.

five spaiku: humiliation )
In today's installment, we meet that nice William Pratt. After spending much of the weekend with him, I confess that I began to find his writing style somewhat contagious. Mister Beta has asked that I caution the reader thusly: “Written in the style of a man who is going to get his ass handed to him for the next 120 years.” BtVS, S5. G.



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