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( Dec. 10th, 2008 12:36 pm)
Just doing a little housekeeping and bringing home my Seasonal Spuffy entries from the past spring. I plumb forgot about them!
13 Spaiku from "Something Blue"
Author: [ profile] mere_ubu
Length: 148 words/221 syllables
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Spike and Buffy are not mine. I'm just gonna borrow them for, like, five minutes, mmkay?
A/N: Here are thirteen Spuffycentric haiku snapshots from "Something Blue" in four parts. Written for the Spring 2008 round of [ profile] seasonal_spuffy. Many thanks to [ profile] enigmaticblues for organizing this round and also to Mister Beta and [ profile] philips for their unerring good judgment. And a big thank you to [ profile] blondebitz for the beautiful banner!
Feedback warms the cockles of my heart. (Heh-heh. I said "cockles.")


thirteen spaiku: something blue )
  Here are a few "Doomed" haiku. I'm not sure if I'm on a Season Four Roll or in a Season Four Rut, but hey, that's just the bag I'm in right now. I blame the Hawaiian Shirt Spike doll. (And the drugs. Which, thank heavens, I'm enjoying more needing less with every passing day.)
Thanks to Mister Beta for his help.

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( Mar. 14th, 2008 08:14 pm)
A few from S4.
A/N: "Patches" is my nickname for Adam. (That and "Patch Adams.") I guess I'm just not impressed enough with his stature in the Buffy pantheon of villains (or his makeup) to refrain from mocking him.

three spaiku: the yoko factor/primeval )


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