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( Apr. 24th, 2009 01:31 pm)
Today is [ profile] cindergal's birthday! Please forgive the warmed-over stock footage; it's been one of those weeks, but I didn't want to let the day go by without commemorating the birthday of the wily woman who's invented the best ploy EVER for escaping one's in-laws. (Memo to self for every future xmas holiday in-law visit: hide away under the pretense of wrapping gifts and then drink wine and read pr0n on the interwebz instead.)

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Today is the birthday of the multi-talented [ profile] beanbeans: writer, photographer, yogi, and fangirl supreme. Oh yeah, and a sweetheart to boot! In addition to all of the above, Beans has also been making the world safe from bad knitting, one stitch at time. Since I've been a grateful recipient of her beautiful work, I wanted to do a little something to honor her mad knitting skilz. Towards this end, I grabbed doll!Spike and headed for the *cough* studio. (I know, I know, but "nightstand" just doesn't have the same ring, does it?)

D'oh! I think I dropped a stitch. )
Today is the birthday of my first fandom friend, the lovely and well-read [ profile] louise39. I don't know if I ever would have started my own LJ if Louise hadn't been nice enough to express an interest in reading it, so thanks again for the encouragement, sweetie! Here's a little seasonally appropriate (?) birthday greeting from me and my plastic partner in crime.

A birthday bouquet for you . . . )
Well, I've managed to miss three doll!fic-able occasions in the past week: Smut Goddess [ profile] darklingdawns birthday (two words, people: Daddy's Girl. Holy mother of guh!), and the birthday of Her Serene Highness [ profile] empresspatti. Well, that just won't do. Morgana's fic has helped me pass many a dull hour at work in a much more pleasant fashion, and Patti makes me blow tea out of my nose practically every time she posts. (Srsly, y'all, she's like Erma Bombeck on crack!) In my defense, though, I've been dealing with yet another bout of difficult times with the wee, mercurial talent who makes these greetings possible. As is so often the case with actors, sometimes the artist's inner demons (heh) interfere with his or her productivity. Yep, I'm afraid that doll!Spike has been hitting the sauce again. He'd had a decent run of sobriety until Valentine's Day when the doll!Buffys decided to have a girls-only party instead of a romantic evening in. The little plastic poet was disappointed about missing the opportunity to strew rose petals and spout verse at whichever Buffy would tolerate it, but it wasn't until he learned that armless!Angel would be at the girls' party that he really went off the rails. (The Buffys were planning to have a makeovers n' manicures sort of affair, and armless!Angel is a perfect canvas for practicing one's make-up skills!)

even plastic vampires get the blues )
Today is the birthday of my favorite romantic, the lovely [ profile] jamalov29. As a fandom newbie, I’ve found her journal to be a treasure trove of fic recs, beautiful picspam, and fun JM fangirl squee. Indeed, I’ve come to think of Caroline as a Spuffy goodwill ambassador, generously sharing the love wherever she goes. With that in mind, I wanted to make a sweet birthday greeting with Spike and Buffy just for her.

the course of doll!love never did run smooth . . . )
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( Jan. 7th, 2009 09:08 pm)
In less than an hour, it will be the birthday of my fangirl progenitor, [ profile] drop_edge. Without her indirect but powerful influence, I would never have watched a single episode of BtVS or found myself here with you good folks. She says that if Buffyfan recruiting were a pyramid scheme, she'd be rich by now, and I don't doubt it. And hey, fun fact: she ranks first and second, respectively, on the Addicted to Angel and Addicted to Buffy trivia games on Facebook. *bows to her wisdom*) I've had a great time getting to know her better this year at parties and the Slayage conference, and it's also been gratifying to watch everyone else back slowly away from us as we squee about teh Spuffy together. In the morning she'll come over and we'll kick off her birthday celebration by spending the day in our pajamas watching Buffy and eating ham, but not before I explore the dark side of her legacy.

Yes, you heard me. Clever as she is, I feel that I would be remiss in failing to point out the sometimes ugly consequences of this one-woman BtVS crusade. Indeed, if I had never met [ profile] drop_edge, none of you would have been exposed to images of degeneracy such as these over the past few months . . .

WARNING: neither dial-up nor doll-friendly picspam )
Today is the birthday of [ profile] molly_may, mistress of meta, and [ profile] penny_lane_42, writer of some of the most hauntingly lovely Spuffy fic I've ever read. Since I missed the way talented and graphically prolific [ profile] buffy_the_vamp6's New Year's Eve birthday, I thought that I would throw a little joint journal party. Towards that end, I gathered up my Spike dolls and got to work. Three birthday girls, three vamps. Piece of cake, right?

plastictastic birthday celebration right this way! )
Today was the birthday of [ profile] gillo, lady of letters, the stage, and moulder of young minds. Also? A bit of a doll debaucher as well. *links arms in solidarity* Her beautiful and informative picspam has transported me far away from many a dull work day, and her dry wit is always very much appreciated. I especially enjoyed reading Gill's accounts of her trip to Rome this fall, so I enlisted doll!Spike's assistance in making a tasteful birthday greeting inspired by her recent travels. *sigh* O, will I never learn?

Friends, Romans, countrymen . . . lend me a doll who won't shame me in a public forum! )
*frantically checks watch* Whew. Okay. Good! Today is the birthday of [ profile] c_woodhaven. *sheepish* Or it still is in the Central Time Zone, anyway. In addition to being a writer whose fic updates make me do the happy dance on a regular basis, Calypso is also one of the sweetest, most creative people I've encountered. For my birthday, I was delighted to find that she had not only written Ultimate Sin, a lovely piece of Spuffy smut, but that she had included a recipe for the title concoction as well. While I was away at my family's Thanksgiving celebration yesterday, I instructed doll!Spike to re-read said fic and come up with some ideas for a birthday photo shoot that would be a fitting tribute to the wonderful Ms. Woodhaven.


Nutella-inspired birthday naughtiness/nuttiness this way! )
Today is the birthday of [ profile] petzipellepingo, Our Lady of the Library and fangirl extraordinaire. The steady stream of information and encouragement that she provides on a daily basis is an invaluable resource to her flist, and I'm grateful to be a recipient of both. (Honestly--lately, it seems that everything I know, I learned from her!) Mindful that Thanksgiving is fast approaching, I would like to make a seasonally appropriate birthday offering.

no turkey here, but I was able to find a little ham . . . )
Well, Barb and Kathy probably don’t know it, but their party on Saturday was not the only celebration held in honor of their recent union. Imagine my family’s surprise when we heard tiny, rowdy cries of “Mountain Dew for EVERYONE!” and “Here’s to the birds!” emanating from Doll Party Central and happened upon this festive little tableau:

more scenes from a surprise celebration . . . )
Today is the fourth glorious day of [ profile] earth_vexer’s birthday week celebration. Without her talent for graphic design and her entertaining posts, my LJ existence would be very drab. Honestly, I’ve written many a haiku just because I wanted to pair it with a particular E_V icon. Also? When I’m having a dull day, I covetously browse through her tiny works of art the way other women look at expensive shoes online. So much pretty. Sorry I missed the actual day, E_V, and I hope you had a very good one.

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Yesterday was [ profile] missmurchison's birthday! I was out of pocket but sincerely hope that it was a good one. As a token of my undying gratitude for both her very fine fic and for inspiring me to write in the first place (shout out to haiku master Mr. M!), I wanted to do a sweet, romantic birthday photo shoot with doll!Spike and doll!Buffy.

birthday greetings from Spike & Buffy's bedroom )
It's [ profile] rebcake's birthday today, and I wish her a wonderful one. In addition to having a fine sense of humor and a knack for FITB fic, she also holds the distinction of having made a contribution to International Phallic Spike Day and being the only person to ever write off-color verse for me! (I think we can dismiss the one I intercepted in eleventh grade that Mark Jarvis wrote about my boobs. From his mortification, I'm guessing that I was probably never meant to see it.) Spike limericks, however, are a joy forever. As a token of my appreciation, I wanted to try a little something different with doll!Spike. I thought we might abandon our usual photo shoot routine and try baking something: a cake for Rebcake!

Dubious offerings from our test kitchen. )
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( Sep. 18th, 2008 08:39 am)
Today is the birthday of the wonderfully clever [ profile] powerofthebook--intrepid journalist, automobile enthusiast (heh), and one of my favorite writers. (She's not too shabby with the Spaiku, either!) May the upcoming year bring you good times, good stories, and a complete absence of prima donnas. And, as a token of my esteem, may I offer . . .

a little something with your morning paper, madam? )
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( Sep. 2nd, 2008 09:03 pm)
It’s [ profile] pfeifferpack’s birthday! Hope you’ve had a lovely day, and I wish you all good things in the year ahead.

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Howdy! *hugs flist* I just wanted to say thanks for being a big part of the best birthday I've had in years! I was completely bowled over by your birthday offerings and feel so very lucky have such generous, talented friends. Honestly, I smiled so much yesterday that my cheeks kinda hurt today--that was some workout! The monitor of the MacBook is a little worse for wear, too. Dear me, will I never learn to set the beverage aside before I read the funny?

*deep breath*

a big thank you from little ol' me )

ETA: Half of my thank-you list dropped off after an edit but has now been re-added. Heartfelt apologies. And [ profile] adriana_is? You know I adore you, dearie, but every time I try to edit your name back in, it posts without it! *hugs* Please be assured that I'm grateful to you, too!
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( Aug. 28th, 2008 07:50 pm)
Today is [ profile] botias’ birthday! In addition to just generally being a fine person, she also writes such lovely smut. *sigh* I’ll always have fond memories of the day I read chapter four of Persephone at work and was so porn-bedazzled that I almost stapled my hand to a stack of paper five minutes later. Ah, good times. I've also come to count on B. for things like thought-provoking discussions of literary terms for naughty bits as well as exciting new mottos. Y’know what else? She's remarkably tolerant of weird readers who contact her out of the blue with gardening questions. Thanks to her initial encouragement, it's taken me an entire summer to kill my little herb container garden instead of the customary two weeks. That's a record!

Have a great day, sweetie! May the upcoming year be filled with goodness and lots of time to write all the evil blue alien overlord/unsouled vampire pr0n my your little heart desires. And with that, I say . . .
ONWARD. . . )
Belated birthday greetings to [ profile] clawofcat! Thanks to her, I am now completely unable to look at a spatula without blushing. Hope you had a great day sweetie. I fully intended to write you some Spike/Dawn friendship haiku, but then this happened instead. D'oh!

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A big ol' Happy Birthday to [personal profile] st_salieri! Hope you're having a good one, Dr. Ess. May the upcoming year bring you good things and reliable air conditioning. ;)



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