Today is the birthday of the multi-talented [ profile] beanbeans: writer, photographer, yogi, and fangirl supreme. Oh yeah, and a sweetheart to boot! In addition to all of the above, Beans has also been making the world safe from bad knitting, one stitch at time. Since I've been a grateful recipient of her beautiful work, I wanted to do a little something to honor her mad knitting skilz. Towards this end, I grabbed doll!Spike and headed for the *cough* studio. (I know, I know, but "nightstand" just doesn't have the same ring, does it?)

I met with some initial resistance along the lines of "Oi, woman! Get those great fucking stakes away from me!" Eventually, however, doll!Spike warmed to the idea. Um. More than warmed. *facepalm* In fact, I think it's safe to say that he came out of this experience decidedly in favor of the fiber arts.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DEAR BEANS!!! *big birthday glomp* I hope you've had a lovely day with your family and that the next year brings much well-deserved shininess your way. MWAH! <333
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