Happy Easter to all who are celebrating today, and Happy Chocolate Baby Animal Day to the rest of us. I'm all messed up on Lindt chicks and tangerine Jelly Bellys right now, and let me just say that there is no bad there.

I had to endure a lot of vengeance talk but feel that the end result was ultimately worth it. After a few different iterations of "when I get my powers back, you'll be using your guts for Easter grass!" I just kinda tuned her out, but I was impressed with Anya's ranting stamina. Also? I'll probably have nightmares about Arashmahar tonight. *shudder* You would not believe the stuff they get up to down there!

I'm going to go placate her with chocolate carrots now, and if you think I'm going to be checking the lock on the doll case twice before I go to bed, you'd be right.
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