Congratulations to Alyson Hannigan and Alexis Denisof on the safe arrival of baby Satyana! What a great birthday present for AH.  :D

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I was so happy to hear that. Especially on the heels of the AH news. And I just realized the two of them shared initials. How strange.

I'm so pleased for Alyson and Alexis. They must be uber excited.


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Me too! I was really glad to see it after the sad news. I guess it's that "closes a door, opens a window" kind of a thing. I'm not doing a doll!fic for the littlest Denisof though, cause, creepy. (Srsly--all I have is one-armed Fisher-Price doll family baby. Thing gives me the wig.)

Wow, I didn't see the initials similarity at all. That's kind of freaksome, no?

Good to see you, sweetie. *hugs* I've missed you lately! Hope all is well and that you guys are enjoying the spring.

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They called their kid SATAN?!! Because that's what I read when I saw the name (well actually Satana - my eyes slid right past the Y). What's with that?

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Heee! You're so right. I'm chalking it up to her parents spending too much time in the Buffyverse. ;)

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For a minute I thought the baby was named Satana, or possibly Santana.

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*cackle* I was prepared for the possibility of the Satana remark, but Santana caught me completely off guard. There may have been a spit-take.

This round to you, madam!


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