Today marks the first anniversary of this journal. I found my way to LJ in the fall of ought-seven from Bugger This so that I could read [ profile] herself_nyc's works in progress. I'd never planned on keeping a journal of my own until [ profile] louise39, bless her heart, PM'd me to say that she enjoyed my comments and wanted to know if she could friend me and read my LJ. I confessed that I didn't have one but that I'd be tickled to have a first friend all the same. After some insomniac ruminating on the idea of a journal and what the hell I'd write in one, I came up with a few haiku, changed my lame-o lurking username to the one I use everywhere else, loaded up on icons over at [ profile] earth_vexer's, and made my first post. Since then, I've posted 177 journal entries, 157 Spaiku, and 24 doll!fics. I've also made many new friends (and even met a few of them), gone to an academic conference on the Jossverse, chalked up a couple of nominations, been the subject of a slanderous fic, had the best birthday ever, bought a plane ticket to Writercon, and been added to the reading list of 85 people. In short, I've had nothing but fun here with you wonderful people since January 31 last rolled around.

As a little thank you to Louise for that life-changing nudge in the right direction and also to honor her suggestion that I put the Spaiku in some kind of searchable order, I've finally organized links to the Spaiku and doll!fic. *points to the left* See? No more squinting at tags. Also, I've announced in authoritative tones that I will be spending a couple of hours tomorrow with the haiku notebooks, so hopefully there will be more Spaiku here before too long.

Thanks for a great first year of fandom fabulosity, flist o' mine! \0/
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