Today is the birthday of my favorite romantic, the lovely [ profile] jamalov29. As a fandom newbie, I’ve found her journal to be a treasure trove of fic recs, beautiful picspam, and fun JM fangirl squee. Indeed, I’ve come to think of Caroline as a Spuffy goodwill ambassador, generously sharing the love wherever she goes. With that in mind, I wanted to make a sweet birthday greeting with Spike and Buffy just for her.

I’m sad to report that School Hard!Spike and Once More With Feeling!Buffy are just not on the same page, romance-wise. Behold—the poor doofus is trapped in season two! Pitiful.

Ruh-roh! It's gonna hurt a lot, Spike.

I was hoping that Chosen!Buffy and AtS!Spike might have a better time of it, but, as I feared, AtS!Spike’s affections seem to tend in a different direction than they once did.

Ouch! I really should have warned her in advance.

Oh, this is not going well at all! *wrings hands* I’m not sure what to do now! I guess I’ll just throw Doomed Doll!Spike and Graduation Day!Buffy out there and see what happens . . .

Aww, look at that. And they say romance is dead!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CAROLINE!!! *hugs galore* I hope that you've had a wonderful day and that the new year brings you joy and lots of new Spuffy-based creativity to enjoy. Bisous, darling! :D
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