In less than an hour, it will be the birthday of my fangirl progenitor, [ profile] drop_edge. Without her indirect but powerful influence, I would never have watched a single episode of BtVS or found myself here with you good folks. She says that if Buffyfan recruiting were a pyramid scheme, she'd be rich by now, and I don't doubt it. And hey, fun fact: she ranks first and second, respectively, on the Addicted to Angel and Addicted to Buffy trivia games on Facebook. *bows to her wisdom*) I've had a great time getting to know her better this year at parties and the Slayage conference, and it's also been gratifying to watch everyone else back slowly away from us as we squee about teh Spuffy together. In the morning she'll come over and we'll kick off her birthday celebration by spending the day in our pajamas watching Buffy and eating ham, but not before I explore the dark side of her legacy.

Yes, you heard me. Clever as she is, I feel that I would be remiss in failing to point out the sometimes ugly consequences of this one-woman BtVS crusade. Indeed, if I had never met [ profile] drop_edge, none of you would have been exposed to images of degeneracy such as these over the past few months . . .

Observe a respresentative sample of the fruits of your corruption, madam! I don't think there's a doll court in the land that wouldn't convict you (and, let's face it, [ profile] philips) as an accessory.

And of course, without her influence, none of us would ever have had to witness this humiliating spectacle. . .

Or this one! Why, I can hardly even stand to look. It's sickening, that's what it is.

May the lord have mercy on us all. I hope you can live with yourself, Birthday Girl.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BRADI!!! Thank you for turning me. *cackle* Into a sicko! I've had a fabulous time. May the next year bring you many good things. And lots of stuff to blog about so that I can read it and laugh until I shoot coffee out my nose. This is key. :D
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