Today is the birthday of [ profile] molly_may, mistress of meta, and [ profile] penny_lane_42, writer of some of the most hauntingly lovely Spuffy fic I've ever read. Since I missed the way talented and graphically prolific [ profile] buffy_the_vamp6's New Year's Eve birthday, I thought that I would throw a little joint journal party. Towards that end, I gathered up my Spike dolls and got to work. Three birthday girls, three vamps. Piece of cake, right?

Okay, in their defense, SchoolHard!Spike and AtS!Spike aren't quite the hardened seasoned photo shoot veterans that Doll!Spike has become. (Also, Doll!Spike's come-on is kinda' lame. You didn't hear it from me!) No big. *nervous giggle* We'll just take a little break and see what we can do to make them more comfortable with the process.

Okay, I was trying to be patient, but there are limits.

Turns out that AtS!Spike is trying to make a 5:00 p.m. showing of Tale of Despereaux with AtS!Angel. *eyeroll* Says it's their two-month anniversary or something. Whatever! *yells* Aw geez, would someone please go to craft services and get SchoolHard!Spike some more cooking sherry? Shut him up, people!

Um, I have to apologize for my completely inappropriate outburst. When the talent's not happy, I'm not happy. Unfortunately, Doll!Spike picked up on my bad example and ran with it all the way to the prop case, where he found SchoolHard!Spike's fire axe. What can I say? He's a take-charge kind of guy, and one with whom I'm not really inclined to argue right now.

Aww, there's the little plastic poet I know and love!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOLLY MAY, LIRAZEL, AND AMANDA!!! Hope your special day(s) are/were wonderful, and may the coming year bring you joy. :D
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