Today was the birthday of [ profile] gillo, lady of letters, the stage, and moulder of young minds. Also? A bit of a doll debaucher as well. *links arms in solidarity* Her beautiful and informative picspam has transported me far away from many a dull work day, and her dry wit is always very much appreciated. I especially enjoyed reading Gill's accounts of her trip to Rome this fall, so I enlisted doll!Spike's assistance in making a tasteful birthday greeting inspired by her recent travels. *sigh* O, will I never learn?

*peeks cautiously through fingers* Would this seem less offensive if I told you that I'm all messed up on cough syrup right now? 'Cause really, I've don't have a problem with blaming the drugs. Or the doll. *points wildly* Yeah! It was all his idea. Get him, ladies!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GILL!!! *big birthday hug* I hope you had a wonderful day with your family and that the coming year brings you good times, good theatre, and the opportunity for new travels. :D
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